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Under the aegis of Parul Arogya Seva Mandal, The department of Electrical Engineering of Parul Institute of Engineering and Technology was established in the year 2003 and Parul Institute of Technology was founded in the year 2009 providing Under graduation. The Department started Post Graduation level (Power System and Electrical Engineering) since 2012. Due to the accreditations by NBA and NAAC, students graduating from Parul University always have an edge over the students graduating from other universities. The Department of Electrical Engineering of Parul University is dedicated to provider in-depth academic knowledge and hands-on experience on advanced engineering topics such as power system and power electronics, renewable energy. The high-calibre academic staffs dedicatedly works closely with students to solve current engineering problems, thereby enhancing knowledge and results that can be published in reputable journals and conference proceedings. Parul University receives ASSOCHAM Education summit cum Awards 2016 as The University with "The Best Campus". Department have MOUs with industries like TCS, L&T, GETCO. Parul University jointly with Larsen & Turbo Ltd and University of surrey receives grant of Pound sterling of 50000 for industry defined project with Royal academy of engineering, UK under Newton Bhabha Foundation with FICCI-NKFH. Read more...

Smart Electrical

Smart Electrical Engineering aims at designing, realising and validating technologies to make possible electrical networks and electro physical devices for transporting and manipulating electrical energy in a flexible, controlled and sustainable way regarding efficiency of costs, power and materials. The focus lies on intelligent power networks, smart actuators, automotive applications and the reduction of pollution and waste.


The proposed concept fully exploits the potential advantages of renewable energy sources and distributed generation (DG), which should not only be connected but also fully integrated into the distribution system in order to increase the efficiency, flexibility, safety, reliability and quality of the electricity and the networks. Smart Electrical Engineering is a system which includes a variety of operational and energy measures including smart appliances, Applications of Power Electronics and Drives, flexible Power System, System & Control, Advance Electrical Machines, Automation & Control, Smart Grid, Green Technology and Renewable energy resources. Preferable areas for Paper Submission are as following, but not limited to:

Key Persons

Dr Bhavesh Bhalja, Associate Professor, IIT, Roorkee
Dr M Veerachary, Associate Professor, IIT, Delhi
Dr D Thukaram, Professor, IISC, Bangalore


The PiCET 2018 includes following topics, but not limited to: